Shampoo in a bar?

The beauty industry generates a lot of plastic. Just think, its all those shampoo and conditioner bottles, lotion tubes, and other products that are wrapped or contained in plastic. That sounds like a lot right?

Well, did you know that roughly 552 million shampoo bottles end up in landfill every year with the average person using 10 shampoo bottles a year . I'm not even talking about any other products, just shampoo!

So how do we Change?

Making a simple switch to shampoo bars could have a huge impact on global plastic production and usage. Just changing to one plastic free product could make an impact.

What are the benefits for my hair?

Shampoo bars don't contain any harmful chemicals and are made from natural oils and scents. With this many people have seen benefits such as faster growing hair, less itchiness, shinier hair, less frizz, and an increase in hair volume.

Because shampoo bars are natural and contain a lot less chemicals compared to liquid shampoo you are less likely to strip the natural oils from your hair and you reduce the amount of chemicals introduced into the environment.

What are the benefits to the environment?

Shampoo bars are plastic free this means that you have a huge impact on plastic pollution. Not only are they plastic free, shampoo bars last 3 times longer than liquid shampoo so overall you save money, reduce plastic, and reduce your CO2 footprint. Not ready to switch to bars, try products that are in glass container at first.